Senior Traffic Safety Education is a course approved by the Department of Public Safety to satisfy the requirements of MS 658.28 and Rule 7411.7700 as an accident prevention course for people 55 years old or older. By completing this class the participants will receive a 10% discount on their automobile insurance.
The accident prevention course requires eight hours of class time the first time a person takes the class. After three or more years a four hour refresher class is needed to renew the discount.
STSE provides the 8 hour initial class and the four hour refresher class in a unique way. The first 4 hour class is attended by the participants who have NEVER taken an accident prevention course before. At the second four hour class those participants will be joined by those people who just need the refresher. In this way it is possible to operate a class in communities where other organizations would require more students than are available.
For your information:
Rule 7411.7700 QUALIFICATION FOR INSURANCE PREMIUM REDUCTION. Satisfactory completion of an approved accident prevention course evidenced by possession of a certificate of completion indicates that the insured has met the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, section 65B.28 for an appropriate automobile insurance premium reduction. Persons 55 years of age or older who complete an accident prevention course every three years remain eligible for an appropriate automobile insurance premium reduction.
Senior Traffic Safety Education
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